Tuesday 10 January 2012

From Siskins to Sunbirds

This week, Siskins in the garden between showers.....
next week, Sunbirds and raptors in Uganda!
Four of the group are off to Uganda for a 3 week ringing trip with Malcolm Wilson.
These pictures of Malcolms were taken on his 2011 trip.If we can catch and see anywhere the same number of species we will be in for an exciting and educational three weeks. It won't be just birds either - a hike through the rain forest to see Mountain Gorillas is also included.
News of our travels in February unless we can find fast enough internet access to update the blog from Africa.

Wednesday 4 January 2012

A year to remember...a new year to begin....

Last January the BTO registered us as the Teifi RG, now one year old, what have we achieved?
Too much to write....Too much to say....
This Chestnut-sided Warbler - a highlight from hundreds for four of the group who went to Long Point Bird Observatory in Canada.
Karen and Andy joined as new trainees, helping to ensure the summer, including CES ran smoothly.
In our first year as a group, we have ringed 3443 new birds of 76 species. Not including our ventures to Portland Bird Observatory twice, and visits to four Pembrokeshire islands where we ringed hundreds of pulli and adult seabirds.
We have gained new friends that have helped us develop;-
Mick Townsend from Stanford RG, my trainer of 30 years ago, who we met up with in Canada and who visited our CES. Richard Charles who ventured south from Lancashire to ring with us during the summer, and is joining us for 3 weeks ringing in Uganda starting next week. Olly Fox from Wiltshire, who on his second visit this year mastered the capture and ringing of Woodcock!

The end of our first year, our second is underway......

Thanks to all who have helped us progress this far, from ringers and groups, to land owners and grant providers.
We thank you all... and hope to see you in 2012.

Glad we carry spares !!

Not the best start at 0430 this morning !

Wendy and I went on... and were happy with 4 out of 6 Woodcock before dawn, all 4 birds were adults.

Sunday 1 January 2012

100 up and training for more....

IPMR is now up to date for year end, and a great thanks to Wendy for being the TRG IPMR supremo ! We have reached the milestone of 100 new Woodcock ringed in 2011, with 6 retraps.
Olly Fox from Wiltshire in the photo above on December 30th, being introduced to the fine points of Woodcock ageing.....to be taken back to his home county............see what they can find ??