Tuesday 30 April 2024

Sedge Warblers and an April summary

From mid April the first Sedge and Reed Warblers return to the Teifi Marshes. 

The first Sedge Warbler was ringed on the 14th April.

Sedge Warbler

A Sedge Warbler that had been ringed in France was caught on the 18th April, the first re encounter and a foreign control of our 2024 spring migration monitoring on the reserve near Mallard pond.

Sedge Warbler      9111953

Ringed   Audenge, Gironde, France 16/08/2023

Re-encountered  Teifi Marshes, Ceredigion 18/04/2022 246 days 864km NNW

The recovery shows part of a usual movement of a "Teifi passage Sedge Warbler"  This bird being ringed on its way south along the Atlantic coast, and re encountered by us on it's return journey - I guess to Irish bogs....

Peak dates for Sedge Warblers are usually at the beginning of May when large numbers pass through on their way to breeding grounds.

Yellow Wagtail

The end of April is also the peak for migration of White Wagtails on their way to Iceland. A flock of 40 was flying around at dusk on the 16th. Weather has prevented many evening visits to the reserve so only 11 White Wagtails have been ringed so far this year. A small catch of 9 White Wagtails on the 20th April was brightened by this male Yellow Wagtail. Only the 3rd in 10 years to be ringed on the Teifi Marshes, the first spring bird.

Several of the group are busy monitoring Dipper nests so are often found wading in rivers and under bridges. 

One of Andrew's lower bridges 

Dipper news to follow as the season progresses. 

Some details of movements of our birds received from the BTO recently....

Starling LR08447

Ringed  Bancyffordd, near Llandysul Carms 30/11/2023

Found dead, probably hit a window,  Molfsee, Germany 03/04/2024 125 days 990 km ENE

We have had several recoveries of  Starlings to and from Latvia. This location in Germany would have been on its migration route back there

A very late report of this Sedge Warbler that had been ringed in France in 2022

Sedge Warbler 9710315

Ringed   Guerande, Loire- Atlantique, France 11/08/2021

Re-encountered  Teifi Marshes, Ceredigion 04/08/2022 358 days, 555km NNW

Sedge Warbler     BBB2057

Ringed   Teifi Marshes, Ceredigion 25/07/2023

Re-encountered    Doville, Manche, France 09/08/2023 15 days 376km SE

Siskin   AHV4327

Ringed     Ffarmers, Carms 15/03/2023
Re-encountered   Wivenhoe, Essex 26/03/2024 377 days 341km E

Carmarthenshire March 2023, Essex March 2024

(Rich D and Wendy J)