Monday 26 July 2021

Mid summer - Seabirds and Warblers

Over the last few weeks the Group has been busy with many varied activities. 

On the Reserve..a juvenile Cetti's Warbler was the first likely to have bred on the Teifi Marshes Reserve since 2017. This follows the wipe-out of our previously successful breeding population by the "Beast from the East" in early 2018

Sedge Warbler Z053132 trapped Teifi Marshes on the 1st July in the same net as ringed ... but at 6 yrs 11m 8 days later, appears to break Welsh record by about 3 weeks

Old birds at garden CES too, a  Chaffinch ringed in July 2014 and not seen until this month.

Storm Petrels

We have made two visits to Mwnt this year to ring Storm Petrels. Small numbers ringed on each visit but already one of them has been caught elsewhere. 

Storm Petrel at Mwnt (Photo Toni)

2720337 was ringed at Mwnt on 13th June this year and caught by ringers on Little Saltee, Wexford on 23rd July 40 days, 132 km West

Mwnt to Little Saltee


Four of the Group and two trainees from Gower Ringing Group enjoyed a weekend on Skokholm at the beginning of the month. 

South coast path - Andrew

As expected in early July it was quiet for Passerines but the group were able to spend time learning some new techniques and species.

A team effort to top up the colour ringed population of Puffins in Crab Bay was an excellent learning experience. 

Colour ringing Puffins in Crab Bay.

More photos and details about this project on the Skokholm blog 

The gull trap was used for the first time since 2019. Some food slops were used to entice gulls into the trap. 23 gulls were caught. Four adult Herring Gulls were colour ringed as part of a long-term study into adult survival. Again, more on the Skokholm blog 

Alison ringing a gull

Other activities included ringing Manx Shearwaters for a few hours each night along the study transect, ringing Oystercatcher chicks and running the Heligoland traps. 
Thanks to Rich, Giselle and the staff on Skokholm.

Details of some recent Controls

Reed Warbler AZL7341

Ringed Keyhaven Marshes, Hants 27/08/2020

Re-encountered Teifi Marshes, Ceredigion 29/06/2021 306 days 262 km NW


Ringed Bardsey Island, Gwynedd 29/04/2021

Re-encountered Llechryd garden CES, Ceredigion 12/06/2021 44 days 77km S 

Also at garden CES on 22/07/2021 84 days

Finally, a welcome to our new trainee Thomas Faulkner.