Sunday 1 May 2011

Constant Effort Survey 1

This week-end saw us complete our 1st CES visit of the 2011 season.
The initial -" in the field" results and subsequent interrogating of ipmr show a great result in what CES is all about.
78 birds trapped of which 47 were retraps. By the nature of it being the 1st session all birds were retraps from 2010 or older.
2 species stood out in particular;-
Reed Warbler, 10 trapped all 10 retraps !!-- of these
6 were originally ringed in 2009 and retrapped in 2010,
2 were ringed in 2009 and not trapped in 2010,
2 were ringed in 2010.
This correlates well with our early effort at the Mallard run, where the 1st 3 birds trapped were all retraps.
In summary of 14 Reed warblers trapped in this very early part of the season, 13 were retraps!

Chiffchaff, of 14 birds trapped, 9 retraps, 5 new.

I mention above, our " in the field" results, Wendy with Dyfed's assistance now has all our ringing data on a hand held device. Thus the checking of ageing / sexing criteria as well as the bird's history is possible whilst still holding the bird. An important development for us.

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