Monday 6 June 2011

CES 4 and some week-end highlights... Paris again

CES 4 was brought forward to Saturday from the planned Sunday due to weather, a good decision with 94 birds trapped, 63 new - including juveniles of 10 species, and 31 re-traps. A slight increase on CES 4 in 2010.
2 further broods of Pied Flycatcher were ringed in Pengelli.
Nets were opened in the Mallard Run on Saturday evening, a few acros and most surprisingly 25 Sand Martins & 11 Swallows were caught.
Museum Paris 5634103 !!.....on a Sedge Warbler......our 13th French /Belgian Sedge Warbler control was the highlight of a couple of hours on Sunday morning, again the Mallard Run !!

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