Sunday 17 July 2011

Reed Warblers..........more to learn......

Have a look at this link to the BTO on Reed Warbler movements.
The map shows that the Teifi plays it's part, remembering that breeding was not proven / regularly occurring until the mid 1970's in either Pembs or Ceredigion.

Last year -2010 on the Teifi,
We ringed 432 Reed Warblers with 169 recaptures(retraps & controls).
Over the coming years what will we discover about our rapidly expanding population...?
Early and late arriving birds, giving the extended breeding season they enjoy?
Surely, all those birds are not our locals..?

We guess that most the Sedge Warblers are passage birds, 612 ringed with only 61 recaptures in 2010.....and of the 2 Aquatic Warblers in 2010.....migrants for sure!!

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