Friday 30 September 2011

Africa to the Teifi......via Icklesham again !!

6 movement details received in the last 48 hrs;-
Constant Effort Session (CES) and Mallard, the Teifi Marsh sites.

Common Whitethroat;-
Our first, L399822 ringed as a juvenile, presumably on passage - Icklesham 5th August 2010,
controlled at CES, a female with a brood patch, - 19th June 2011.

Sedge Warbler;-
Typical movements, presumably ringed on passage.
L018186 ringed as a juvenile - Icklesham 14th August 2010,
controlled at Mallard, a breeding bird ? - 9th & 30th June 2011.
L447220 ringed as a juvenile - Farlington Marsh 8th August 2010,
controlled at Mallard 24th June 2011.

Reed Warbler;-
R424229 ringed as an adult - 12th May 2011, Kenfig Pool, continuing it's Westward movement,
controlled at CES - 19th June 2011.
L598209 ringed at CES site, presumably on passage - 5th September 2010,
controlled Llyn Ystumllyn, Gwynedd - 2nd June 2011.
R336063 our oldest favourite !!
Ringed at Penclacwydd, 22 September 2002, last recaptured 9th July 2011, now 3212 days later.
Only 8 times to West Africa and back so far....

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