Sunday 30 October 2011

We...and our sedgies love Western France....

This map above we produced in June showing our Teifi ringed Sedge Warblers passing through western France on their way south last Summer.

The larger map shows our latest Sedge Warbler movements, with the Loire Atlantique featuring twice again. The Pyrenees movement is shown below, as this Sedge Warbler is a Teifi breeding bird. - Most of our Sedge Warblers are passage birds.

The Woolston Eyes juvenile was a bird that reached us in 3 days.

Sedge Warbler 5634103
Ringing date: 10-Aug-2009 Age - juvenile
Site name: Les Barthes-de-Quartier-Bas, Villefranque, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France
Grid ref: Co-ords: 43deg 27min N 1deg 28min W

Finding date: 05-Jun-2011 Age - adult
-- this bird, presumed male was re-trapped several times after the June date given.
TEIFIC Site name: Teifi Marsh, Ceredigion
Grid ref: SN1845 Co-ords: 52deg 4min N 4deg 39min W

Duration: 664 days Distance: 987 km Direction: 347deg NNW

Confimation received of our control of a Portland ringed Willow Warbler, and the recovery of a Swallow roosting in the Teifi Reed-bed 2nd August, then roosting at Langorse Lake 1st September - both 2011.

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