Sunday 30 December 2012

Ant....birds and this pale bill....

                                                    (photo Ilse Leemans)
A great day's weather and a morning's banding in the forest at our current base of Cano Palma
A female Checker-throated Antwren the early highlight, followed by 2 Chestnut-backed Antbirds, one an adult male the second an imm. male. Nicely followed by an imm. male Western Slaty-Antshrike.
After a couple of migrants, a Wood Thrush and Northern Waterthrush, a handful of Clay-colored Robins,....

Then this stunning female Pale-billed Woodpecker grabbed the attention.
Thanks to Ilse for the photo, my hands were occupied....
(Photos of the other birds when I return)
Tomorrow we venture to Tortuga Lodge to band, the highlight of banding at this site so far - Pale-vented Thrush.

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