Monday 21 January 2013

Garden ringing in 3 continents......

While most of the UK is blanketed by snow we were able to ring some birds in our milder climate in West Wales. Bullfinches have been flocking to the garden feeders and this was the 9th ringed this year.
 All have been good weights and look in great condition.

 A few Starlings added to the variety, being attracted by the fat balls.
 Photos never do justice to the glossy sheen but even in the hand the glossiness can't match the appropriately named "Beautiful Glossy Starlings" that we were ringing in Uganda this time last year in rather warmer weather.
With 3 House Sparrows ringed today, this years total is now six, more than doubling the group's four year total!
No picture of today's Sparrows but this a brighter species of Sparrow caught in our garden in the highlands of Costa Rica .
Rufous-collared Sparrow which were undergoing an unusual moult pattern which is still being studied.
More Costa Rica birds in the next blog.

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