Sunday 3 March 2013

Redpoll is new but Siskins are the study....

Garden ringing is continuing to turn up some surprises.
Having never seen a Redpoll in my garden before,  this male Lesser Redpoll turned up unexpectedly in the net on Friday.
Today with a frosty start then bright sun the total catch was low but the star bird was a Siskin that Richard had ringed in his garden, nearly 4 miles away, on the 1st March. As this is now the second Siskin to have moved between the sites (one in each direction) we have had a closer look at the map and there is almost continuous woodland including  Rhos y Gilwen wood between the gardens.

The total number of Siskins ringed so far this year, nearly all in February are 165 in Richard's twenty foot net and 110 in my twelve foot net. Not forgetting the control with a Belgian ring in my garden and a British control in Richard's.
In both gardens the Siskins are coming to Sunflower hearts.

With the moon now rising later we will back out on the hills with the lamp to look for the last Woodcock before they leave. Hopefully some wet, windy weather will be along to help !

Update - another two Siskins ringed in Richard's garden early last month caught in mine today - Monday !

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  1. Interested to read about the Redpoll as there was one on the hedge outside my house in Feidr Eglwys Newport on Saturday afternoon.I was truly amazed to see it!


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