Sunday 14 April 2013

Snipe to Sand Martin......variety before Canada

Saturday night a Common Snipe in a two shelf net, I guess our last of the season....
Friday night some firsts for the year ....a Swallow and Sand Martin in nets set for migrant alba wagtails. We did catch White and Pied Wagtails and one Willow Warbler to make a nice variety in a short dusk session.

A 530am start on Saturday morning- hoping for the weather window to give us a couple of early hours !
A great result - in one of the reed-bed nets - 8 Willow Warblers and one Chiffchaff. We only ringed one Willow Warbler last April !!

To Canada on Long Point Bird Observatory, and my third Spring there, this trip 6 weeks like last year..

A few lines from the 2012 LPBO Program Report...

" May was impressive to say the least. May 3 was the biggest banding day with 1,008 birds of 56 species banded. 108 species were observed at the Tip alone on May 2 and 3. Long Point’s warbler diversity quickly rose to 28 species by May 4...."

This was the highlight of last Spring.....On our first day at the Tip...
...the banding of North America's first Fork-tailed Flycatcher...!

For more details  and weekly updates on Migration Monitoring through the Great Lakes see Long Point Bird Observatory

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