Monday 23 December 2013

RAS -- Reed Buntings and Warblers in West Wales

We have just passed our third anniversary as the Teifi Ringing Group - formally accepted on 17th December 2010. This year we have captured our 20,000th bird and completed our 5th season of CES. Time to move forward again.

I think we have enough of the two species to begin a RAS (Retrap adults for survival) and Chris was involved in a RAS in Cardiff so we have some experience. We can expand our study area and remain within the Teifi Marshes, currently we focus our efforts in the areas indicated but all the area to the left of the River Teifi is available.      
With the use of colour rings on Reed Buntings, of which we have captured 610 to date, we can add more citizen science to the South & West Wales Wildlife Trust reserve. Not so sure about colour rings on Reed Warblers. Below one of our 2097 Reed Warblers captured to date, migrants birds are included in these totals.
We will talk to approprite BTO staff after the holiday, but if anyone has experience of RAS with either of the two species or information that may help study the two species please contact us.

A great article by Sam Jones in the recent RINGING NEWS on CES style ringing in Honduras. This is the basis of our ringing with Costa Rica Bird Observatories which if you have followed our posts from our latest three months there show what amazing results are being achieved there too. Just scroll down for more.....

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