Monday 20 January 2014

Site-faithful Siskin starts the day...

No wind or rain so a couple of hours ringing in the garden was at last possible the last two mornings.
Only the occasional Siskin has been seen on the feeders this winter but today there were more and 3 were ringed and 2 retraps caught from previous years. One was ringed by me last March and caught in Charlie Sargent's garden (Gower Ringing Group)  near Llandeilo in May then is back here for the winter. Where it bred is unknown but one Siskin ringed in my garden did breed at Lake Vyrnwy RSPB last summer.
Greenfinches are the biggest consumer of the sunflower hearts at the moment with 10 fighting over the feeder at one point this morning. It is good to see them looking very healthy with no sign of the dreaded Trichomonosis which has caused a decline in Greenfinches.
One of the Greenfinches was a control so it will be interesting to find out where that was ringed. Our only previous Greenfinch control was ringed at Kingsnorth Power Sation in Medway, Kent.

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