Wednesday 22 October 2014

An early start for thrushes...CR style

Pauline joined me in San Jose and we are banding together until mid November...
What a start at InBIO, our standard banding site in San Jose, Tropical Kingbird. We see many every day, but never before in the hand
Yesterday our standard banding site was at our base at The Sea Turtle Conservancy, here in Tortuguero. This view of Tortuguero including four of our standard banding sites from the Cerro after a recent climb..
Here we can catch large numbers of migrants, as well as the resident species, and yesterday we were successful in banding over 70 Catharus thrushes.
Here a selection of other species caught yesterday too.
 Chestnut-sided Warbler, a regular species around the sites.
Ovenbird, we don't catch many, six in our last two visits to Costa Rica compared to 59 Northern, and four Louisiansa Waterthrushes

Streak-crowned Woodcreeper, the lowland equivalent of the Highland Spot-crowned Woodcreeper.

The final bird of yesterday, our friendly grosbeak. We catch many Rose-breasted Grosbeaks at Long Point Bird Observatory in Canada, but this is my first in Costa Rica,...
Behaviour in the hand still the same !

What a day, planned and  hoped for...but unexpected..
101 birds captured of 21 species, of which 15 species were migrants.

This followed an amazing previous day  standard banding at Parq. In particular one amazing net round....
I was vis mig counting Chimney Swifts pouring over, when Pauline appeared from the forest with three bags full !
The photos say it all...
A young Semiplumbaceous Hawk..
 and two very juvenile Collared Aracari..
Though almost certainly siblings, interesting to compare the rate of development.

Twenty days since my last notes and some highlights, mainly species not mentioned before will follow on a blog.....if not too busy at our Aeropuerto site.....
Yes !
A standard banding site at the end of the airstrip...not primary forest, but coastal woodland regenerating and can be full of migrants too..

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