Wednesday 5 November 2014

Sedge Warbler to Senegal

Interesting news from the BTO today - a Sedge Warbler that we ringed on the Teifi Marsh in July 2013 was caught in Senegal on its wintering grounds this January, 173 days later. A distance of 4,090 km in a straight line but we know from recoveries of other Sedge Warblers that they tend to head south east from the Teifi and cross the Channel at its narrowest point before traveling down the west coast of France.A long journey for a bird weighing just 11g.
This is the second of our Sedge Warblers to be recovered in Senegal.
The Teifi Marsh is good habitat for migrant Sedge Warblers. 509 Sedge Warblers were ringed in 2013 and 571 this year. 2,874 since we started ringing on the Teifi Marsh in 2008.

Other recent recoveries include
A Storm Petrel ringed at Mwnt in July 2012 was controlled on the Calf of Man in June this year.

A juvenile Sand Martin ringed on the Teifi Marsh in July 2013 was controlled at Strath Rory Lower Quarry, Highland this June as a breeding female

A juvenile Reed Warbler ringed on the Teifi Marsh in July 2012 was controlled at Bude Marshes, Cornwall in June this year.

Other news - a former Teifi Ringing Group member, Kevin, is now ringing in Cumbria and had the privilege of ringing the Red-eyed Vireo that was at Walney Bird Observatory this week
Walney Bird Obs blog

On the Teifi we are continuing to struggle with the weather but this morning managed a short session and ringed another 20 Reed Buntings. Having never before ringed on this part of the reserve in November we have a lot to learn about numbers of Reed Buntings using the reed bed for roosting. The photographers who visit the hides now have over 100 Reed Bunting with colour rings to try to photograph for us.

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