Tuesday 10 March 2015

3 years and 3 months..

Hello again...
With the moon now rising later it is time to head out to the hills again before all of our Woodcock leave. Last night on Frenni Fawr we caught a Woodcock that we ringed on 30th November 2011 and haven't seen since.
Looking back at the blog about that night in 2011 it was the first time we had used our new GPS data logger so the ringing position of EX37999 was recorded accurately. It was only 112 metres from where we ringed it.
Like the majority of our retrap Woodcock it was caught very close to its ringing location despite several long migrations.
It was a quiet night with only 4 Woodcock, 3 Fieldfare and a few Snipe seen. No Golden Plover and no mammals, not even a rabbit!

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