Monday 25 May 2015

We return from the Tip ! Of Long Point Bird Obs.

Mick and I are just back from 37 nights at the TIP banding station and another great Spring !
A few quick photos- species and data when home in Wales on Wednesday. This 2nd year male Yellow-headed Blackbird started the show- an adult male to follow !

Perhaps the scarcest bird of the trip - this White-winged Dove, the 1st since 2012.

Not the rarest of birds- a spectacular bird in the hand !
This female Belted Kingfisher....

Another great flycatcher species for us too...this time a scarce but near annual Western Kingbird.
 Our trip nearly over -

Much more to discuss, the following all banded. 31 species of warbler, 14 species of sparrow. Also six species of vireo banded in one morning. Twice we exceeded 55 different species banded in the session-
---so much to this banding station......
                                              The Tip.....!!

 Mick Townsend from Stanford RG- where I started my ringing, joined with me as he has done for the last five years...(photos, a selection of Mick's and mine)

                        The final sunrise of our season at the Tip.

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