Friday 5 June 2015

Redstarts and Pied Flycatchers

A visit to our nest boxes today to ring the pulli.
In Ffynone wood just one box was used by Pied Flycatchers.
All 6 eggs hatched but for some reason, maybe bad weather, only 3 were alive today.

Only one box was used by Pied Flycatchers in Pengelli wood too. Better success here though with 7 pulli from 7 eggs ringed.
For the first time in Pengelli, one box was used by Redstart
although in previous years they had nested in a nearby tree which has since fallen down
6 Redstart pulli were ringed, their red tails making no doubt about the identification!
A disappointing year for Pied Flycatchers in our North Pembrokeshire woods but every successful nest is a bonus as we are right on the limit of their range in Wales. Excellent distribution maps illustrating this can be viewed on the BTO Atlas mapstore

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