Thursday 2 July 2015

101 stormies....and a French control

A French control topped the catch, with two British controls and a 101 new Storm Petrels !
We were down at the western tip of the Dale peninsula at the best stormie catching site on mainland Pembs.

Here you can see Skomer offshore, and Skokholm with it's 2000 pairs of Storm Petrels is a little further south. This catch was arranged by Steve and the Pembs RG, and we were asked to attend with additional sound from the Teifi !

Steve has been ringing Storm Petrels here since c1977, and Bob and I first ringed stormies here in 1984 bring on some younger ringers, and a party of five staff and field workers from Skomer joined us.

 Below the positioning of two of the nets on the cliff at Wooltack Point.

The combined group await....

We shall be returning to our patch and hopefully continue to catch small numbers at Mwnt and maybe Ceibwr as we develop our understanding of Storm Petrel movements within Cardigan Bay,
 - maybe even find a new breeding site.......?
We will also plan a few sessions in at the reliable and potentially larger catching site of Strumble Head.

(Photos by Wendy J and Rich D)

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