Thursday 24 September 2015

An unexpected chance to post from the Costa Rican Highlands

No Acadian Flycatchers in the Highlands - no doubt some on the Caribbean coast in a few days !

This Spangle-cheeeked Tanager is a bit brighter to look at, and this Flame-throated Warbler stole the show at our Lake banding site today.

Four species of Hummingbird at our Home site added some irridescence, photos of Fiery-throated and magnificent soon ....
White-throated Mountain Gem - our most frequent !

Great to pick out some Swainson's Hawks migrating with Black Vultures here, masses of Turkey Vultures soon.  A great find for Wendy at our CRBO site this juvenile Barred-forest Falcon..

Not a flycatcher, but like an Acadian Flycatcher, this Louisiana Waterthrush nice to find before the much more numerous Northern's next week....

Our migration to the Caribbean coastal forests has been delayed......
....Chespi has asked us to stay, bird and band with some visitors who are important to the organisation...
Costa Rica Bird Observatories.

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