Sunday 11 September 2016

Summer on the Teifi - a round up

CES 2016  - birds we don't catch annually...but we did this year....!


 Pied Flycatcher,

 Willow Tit,

 Grasshopper Warbler,

Otherwise CES was generally poor for numbers of most species. Now the CES season is complete, the BTO will soon publish a summary of national and regional results.

Over the last month we have been active on Poppit beach at night, passage waders are the target. Chris has introduced mist netting elsewhere to complement our lamping. This has improved our Dunlin totals considerably, with c50 caught this month and a Redshank.

 Ringed Plovers are more scattered on the beach and more successfully caught with hand net....

as was this Bar-tailed Godwit..!

A brief look at stats for June, July and August in the Teifi Marsh reed beds (not the CES site).....
Birds ringed included
301 Sedge Warblers, and 1 foreign control.
208 Reed Warblers, - great for our RAS project.
7 Cetti's Warblers, - maybe below average...
22 Reed Buntings - poor for our RAS project.
and 9 Kingfishers - above average.

We have already had recoveries of 2 of the August Sedge Warblers.
S322035 was ringed on 5th August by Tristian and controlled at Westdown Plantation, Wiltshire by the North Wilts Ringing Group 9 days later, 208km on the 14th August.
S161775 was ringed on the 15th August, also by Tristian on the 15th August and caught 9 days later at South Milton Ley, Devon 208 km on the 24th August.

News back from the BTO of ringing details of the 2 French ringed Sedge Warblers we caught this summer. One was ringed at Tour aux Moutons, Loire Atlantique on 28th August 2015 and caught on the Teifi Marsh on 5th May 2016. The other was ringed also ringed on the west coast of France at Braud - et- Saint Louis, Gironde on 13th August 2015 and caught by us on the 21st July 2016

During the Autumn dispersal and migration of TRG members, ringing will still be ongoing. There will be  ringing sessions on the Teifi Marshes and at Mwnt for Linnets and general migration.
Keep an eye on the blog for news from near and far.

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