Tuesday 29 November 2016

Latest recoveries....to near and far

We have made the first visits to our regular wintering sites on the Preseli Hills for Woodcock and Golden Plover. Last night we did well ringing three Golden Plover but only saw two Woodcock. We have no recoveries of Goldies but we get several recaptures and recoveries of our Woodcock each year - from Russia to SW France.

We have had a couple of recoveries of  Dunlin, a recent control from Sweden (awaiting details) and an interesting Welsh movement of a Dunlin and a Knot.

Both were juvenile birds and in 13 days and 9 days respectively during September / early October  2016 both moved from the Teifi - north to the Dyfi......a distance of 63km.

See this post by Tony Cross on the Mid-Wales Ringing Group blog about recoveries of Dunlin from Ynyslas showing its importance as a migratory stop over.
Interesting Dunlins

Our Storm Petrel ringing at Mwnt continues to produce recoveries within southwest Britain.
Our latest, a movement from Mwnt in July 2015 was controlled on Skokholm in August 2016.

The map below shows the movement of a juvenile Firecrest...

A due west movement, the Firecrest ringed in Belgium in mid-September 2014 and controlled on the Teifi during late November 2014.

Sedge Warblers are one of our most studied migrants.

Details of 6 birds ringed in France have arrived, through usual west and south west locations, and 3 to Devon and Wilts. One bird which stands out is a juvenile ringed in Loire-Atlantique in September 2012, then recaptured on the Teifi in May 2016.  Calculating a minimum age of 1351 days - this may be our oldest Sedge Warbler.

One of 9 French ringed Sedge Warblers we controlled this Spring..!!!

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