Wednesday 8 February 2017

Firecrest, Finches and a Spanish Reed....

Following a visit to Mwnt on Monday with Alastair, Ros and Jenny for Linnets and 12 caught, Chris visited the CES site this morning where after finding a Bittern roosting in net ride 11 caught this 5 male Firecrest.

The 15th Firecrest that we have caught, the 11th for the CES site, and only the 2nd Firecrest that we have caught outside November, the other being captured on 31st Oct...!!

Goldfinch S107585 was caught last Saturday 4th February in Boncath, having  been ringed in Dorset on February 22nd 2016. A different winter range this year....or a slightly different returning journey to the breeding ground maybe...?

Reed Warbler S321095 was ringed at our Mallard net rides on 23rd August 2016 by Tristian one of our trainees. A 3J bird which I guess was migrating as we never retrapped the bird, and we ring almost daily in August during the acro passage season. The bird was recaptured on 17th September 2016, ....992 Kms in 25 days to northern Spain. Our second Reed Warbler recovery from Spain.

These would appear to be the net rides in the reed bed at Jaizubia, Hondarribia on the north coast of Spain where the Reed Warbler was caught

The period for our Siskin RAS is 1st May - 31st July, ...but we catch variable numbers of birds outside these dates. Last Saturday was interesting, not only for the Goldfinch control described above but also the 1000th Siskin encounter processed at the site.

Even more interesting were the Siskin recaptures - 2 birds both ringed as 3J, one in July 2014 the other in July 2015, and both caught every early Spring since....

(Photos and maps from Chris and Wendy)

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