Thursday 31 August 2017

Bluethroat in the reed bed

A Bluethroat was ringed on the Teifi Marsh this morning...

We have been ringing during spring and autumn migration in the reed bed next to Mallard hide on the Teifi Marsh for 8 years. I have lost count of the number of times over the years that we have looked at the muddy edges and discussed how good it looked for a Bluethroat. Even today as we walked along the track pre dawn it was a species mentioned as a possible September species. Finally this turned up in a net on the edge of the reeds adjacent to the main path through the reserve to finish August with a special bird.

(Thanks to Tristian for this photo)

Only the 3rd record of Bluethroat for Ceredigion.
This is the same part of the Teifi Marsh in which we caught 2 Aquatic Warblers in 2010.

Migration is slowing down and August has passed without a big Sedge Warbler day which we have seen in some previous years. In the Mallard nets, 83 Sedge Warblers have been ringed compared to the bumper year 2011 when we ringed 322 with similar effort.
More details of autumn migration totals in the next blog.

News of a recovery of a Cetti's Warbler ringed Teifi Marsh 22nd November 2014 and caught by Northants Ringing Group last week on the 25th August, 1007 days, 255km.
This is the first recovery of one of our Cetti's Warblers but we have had 2 controls, one from Llangorse Lake near Brecon and one ringed at Farlington Marsh, Hampshire.

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