Wednesday 24 January 2018

Recent recoveries

Sedge Warblers make up the bulk of the latest batch of recoveries, though we do have a Redwing from Charlie's Carmarthen site being found dead after hitting a window in Devon 43 days later in December.

One of our juvenile Sedge Warblers...

The map below shows the recoveries
Sedge Warbler movements are in red, all from the Teifi Marsh except 1 from Goodwick Moor. All were juveniles of the year (2017) and encountered between 6 and 12 days from original ringing and are typical movements. The Reed Warbler movement is shown in yellow and is a movement of  752km in 25 days.

Last night we had our 2nd Woodcock re -encounter of this winter season.

A fine adult wing of  the Woodcock  EY81460 - originally ringed as an adult on 7th March 2016, quite a late bird for us and re-encountered in the adjacent field to ringing.
Another amazing example of wintering site fidelity !!

 A good garden bird for Wendy this week with this Grey Wagtail appearing in her net nearest her feeders !

Siskins are increasing at our garden sites and it will be interesting how the season develops.We have a   Siskins RAS at one of our sites and the fluctuating appearances of the species from season to season makes this perhaps the most  challenging of our 4 RAS studies.
The other RAS studies we have are Linnets at our Mwnt site and both Reed Warblers and Reed Buntings at our Teifi Marsh site, the Reed Buntings also form part of a colour-ringing project.

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