Monday 25 June 2018

Sedge Warbler to Ireland

An exciting recovery of one of the 350 Sedge Warblers ringed on migration through the Teifi Marsh this spring.

AED8024 was ringed by us at Mallard Pond on the 13th May after the days of peak migration were over. It was caught in Ireland on the 9th June, a breeding female with a brood patch.
Pollardstown Fen  is a CES site for Irish Midlands Ringing Group, looking very similar habitat to the Teifi Marsh. This recovery adds weight to our thoughts that the Teifi Marsh is a stopover site before the migration hop over the Irish Sea to breeding sites in Ireland.
We do have a small breeding population of Sedge Warblers on the reserve and this evening we caught the first juvenile.

Also we caught an adult female Sedge Warbler with a brood patch 4 that was ringed in France at Treogat, Finistère in August 2015. We had previously caught it in May 2017 which is how we know the ringing details already.

Yesterday the wind finally eased for us to complete CES 5 on the last day of the cycle.
We caught 60 birds, mostly juveniles of resident species including Treecreeper, Bullfinch, lots of Robins, Wrens and Dunnocks. Compared with the previous 7 years this was the lowest. Starting with the bumper year of 2011 the totals were  130, 73, 100, 71, 91, 79 and 80. The most unusual bird was a House Sparrow, the first for our CES. We also caught the first juvenile Reed Warbler of the year.

Our Linnet RAS project is continuing at Mwnt with the first juvenile Linnets now fledged. At the last visit we caught some additional species with 2 Magpies and a Stonechat in the Whoosh Net between Linnet catches and another Stonechat and a pair of Wheatear in Spring Traps.

(photo Andrew Hughes)
Also at Mwnt we catch Storm Petrels but unfortunately the best phase of the moon for dark nights was persistently windy. A brief lull in the wind one evening saw us rapidly plan a visit and we ringed two.

Once the full moon passes we will be trying again, hoping to add more controls and recoveries to our map.

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