Sunday 27 January 2019

Recoveries and controls 2018

As news of subsequent encounters of our birds arrive already for this year, a quick look back at some birds to and from the Group over the last year.

Some of the sites listed are included in the following map.

And this map shows some of our furthest recoveries including a Woodcock shot in Russia ringed on one of our wintering birds study farms near Crymych in the Preseli Hills.

The majority of these have been mentioned on the Blog at the time of receiving reports from the BTO. Some that we have received news of more recently include a Blackcap, ringed Teifi Marshes on the 28th August and caught in France at Tour Aux Moutons, Donges, Loire Atlantique on the 15th September, 18 days later. This is a site where several of our Sedge Warblers have been caught over the years including another two this August.
Charlie's sites in Carmarthenshire attract a lot of Siskins, 463 were ringed at the 2 sites last year with 7 of his birds subsequently encountered elsewhere including Scotland and he has caught 3 ringed by others. One ringed at Oxwich was caught at both of Charlie's sites which are 5km apart.  Some Lesser Redpoll movements too with one ringed at Crabtree Hill in Gloucestershire caught at Llanfynydd, one from Somerset to Fygyn Common and one from there caught in Sandwich Bay.

The Linnet recovery needs a mention again. Chris has been running a RAS (Retrapping Adults for Survival) for Linnets at Mwnt  since April 2016. 600 were ringed last year and he had the first Control caught on the 9th Feb and 13th Marsh 2018. It had been ringed on South Uist in the Western Isles in August 2017.

The table below is correct at the moment but it sometimes takes a while for the BTO to receive reports of recoveries from foreign schemes so the list will be updated as more come in on the link under Totals.

2018 Recoveries and Controls

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