Monday 15 April 2019

April and Spring begins on the Teifi

A Teifi Spring is always full of expectation and doesn't really deliver any numbers until early May.
We do catch a few Willow Warblers as they arrive and 5 at Mallard one morning was good.
White Wagtails appear in spectacular numbers.

Returning birds are difficult to catch in Spring,
We do try and sample a few of the 200+  roosting most nights in mid April. We have ringed 16 this year
Wendy brought her thermal imaging camera one night...fascinating and an alternative method of counting. For those not used to the image each white spot below is a roosting bird.

A female Mallard in a mist net proved an interesting experience, and the undertail coverts of the first Grasshopper Warbler of the season a delight...

Although 150 + Sand Martins each night are feeding over the marsh, we don't target the hirundines in Spring, though we did catch one early one morning.

Small numbers of Reed Buntings are still coming to the Millet feeder on the reserve including some old birds not seen yet this year. This male Reed Bunting was ringed as a juvenile in 2011 so is coming up to 8 years old.

The improvement in the weather should provide us with some early returning acros.
Back in 2016 the first 9  returning Reed Warblers captured were all our ringed adults from previous years....amazing site fidelity.

A round up of other Group site activities at the end of the month.

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