Thursday 12 December 2019

Early winter highlights

Starlings to and from Lithuania....

In June 2016 a Starling we had ringed on the Teifi Marsh in 2014 was caught in Silutes, Lithuania.

Today we had news of a Starling ringed in Richard's garden in Boncath in 2017 also being caught in Silutes.
Starling   LH96168
Ringing date: 09-Dec-2017
Boncath, Pembrokeshire
Finding date: 31-Aug-2019
Ventes Ragas, Silutes, Lithuania

Duration: 630 days   Distance: 1738 km

We have also had news of a Starling ringed at the same site in Lithuania caught in Andy's garden.
Starling  KH87524
Ringing date: 12-JUL-2018
Ventes Ragas, Silutes, Lithuania, Lithuania
Finding date: 21-NOV-2019
Bancyffordd, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Duration: 497 days Distance: 1717 km

With the wet and windy weather for the last few weeks there have been minimal ringing opportunities. We have managed the first of the winter phase of our Reed Bunting colour ringing project looking at adult survival. 21 Reed Buntings were caught in Potter traps including 2 old retraps ringed in 2010 and 2011. The longevity record is 9 years and 11 months with an average lifespan of 3 years ( BTO birdfacts). Our second session with a potential trainee was much quieter on a milder morning with just one retrap and 1 new bird.
Thanks to the photographers visiting the reserve who send us sightings.

Good news that one of our trainees, Alison, has gained her C permit. Well deserved for her hard work. Thanks to other trainers who have welcomed her to widen her ringing experience which has included raptors in South Africa.

Richard and myself have just returned from a couple of weeks on a BTO ringing expedition to The Gambia. This has been running for 9 years at Kartong Bird Observatory.
It was great to be part of a ringing team working on scientific projects and sharing knowledge with locals, 2 of which are BTO trainees.

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