Sunday 10 January 2021

Some thoughts for 2021

Plenty to look forward to in this coming year...

Although last year provided various challenges - as a group we ringed 72 species, only a few down on the very good total of 78 in the previous year.

72 species in 2020  .....78 species in 2019

The difference in the variety of species had no impact on numbers ringed as you can see from the species ringed in 2019 but not in 2020

....Yellowhammer, Yellow Wagtail, Yellow-browed Warbler, Leach's Petrel, Chough, Mallard, Oystercatcher, Water Rail and Wheatear.

The number of new birds ringed was very similar with....

 7342 new birds ringed in 2020  .. 7493 new birds ringed in 2019

The numbers of certain species reflect the effort at ringing sites due to movement restrictions as we focused more on "home locations"

Obvious examples ...Blackcaps down from 406 to 147,  Chiffchaff down from 426 to 169

Species ringed at  " home locations" show many increases, some of these increases are due to  special effort eg  House Sparrows up from 120 to 736 - helped by Andy's new colour-ring project (see below)

Moorhen - only 1 each in each year, an amazingly low number as they wander the rides on the Marsh  past our potter traps. 


Wagtails  - we caught Pied but we missed out totally on White Wagtails in 2020 - and Yellow Wagtail.

 Redwing with  213 in 2020, 85 in 2019 -  we can easily catch these migrant Thrushes at our home locations

Our lamping activities were affected, with only 56 Woodcock ringed  - 94 in 2019 and consequently less Golden Plover and Fieldfare.


 Movements of  birds reported to us in 2020

Details have been noted in blogs during the year and are listed on the Controls and Recoveries page

Highlights include....

A Blackbird to Sweden

The same Storm Petrel to Bardsey, Wooltack Point and Porth Iago

Goldfinch to N Ireland

Great Tit to Warrington

Woodcock to Russia and one of our own Woodcock ringed in 2017 caught in the adjacent field in Boncath.


House Sparrow colour ringing and RAS project

See Andy's previous post House Sparrows- colour ringing commences

Reed Bunting colour ringing and RAS project

This RAS project is now entering it's 8th year. During last year we only colour-ringed 45 birds (in 2019 146 birds, in 2018 110 birds)

A Reed Bunting ringed in 2012 as an adult was resighted in 2020, so now 8+ years old.

Arfon has just set up a Willow Tit RAS based around Tregaron - more from Arfon during the season.


New sites

An interesting new site in an upland plantation in the Preseli hills where we plan a migration monitoring study with particular emphasis on Warblers.

 Alison is setting up a site in a small woodland near Mynachlogddu managed by the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales which will complement our other sites adding different habitat.

Garden CES 

A chance to take part in a new BTO garden ringing project was welcomed enthusiastically. Starting at a time when we were all having to stay at home, two sites were set up that individuals could run alone on their own land. Both were successful with a good number of birds caught. The site at Llechryd in South Ceredigion will be continued next year.


415 birds of 20 species in the 12 standard sessions.

Some final notes as we enter the 14th year of the Teifi RG

The Group AGM will be via ZOOM in late January / early February...agenda items to Wendy asap.

The WhatsApp messaging seems to be working well....?

If other Group members could write posts and updates on their ringing activities, it would be helpful to everyone. 

Wendy J and Rich D

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