Thursday 28 September 2023

Firecrests, Redwings and recoveries

October started  with 2 Firecrests on the Teifi Marshes. This added to the good start for autumn at Ty Rhyg plantation where 4 Firecrests were ringed last month.

On Saturday 7th October, the east coast saw a big arrival of migrants, in particular, thousands of Redwing. They soon moved on and within a couple of days an increasing number were being counted in Wales. 

In Wendy's young woodland in Llechryd, 15 were ringed that morning and one was caught with a Brussels ring. 

Also this week, a Redwing was retrapped in the same net as last October.

Considering the number of Redwing passing through at the moment it was quite a surprise to retrap one a year later, a site faithful migrant.

Brussels 10X89020

Details have been submitted and ringing details are awaited.

A look at Group totals for the 6 weeks from the beginning of September to the 11th October

To add some context, the Manx Shearwaters ringed had been rescued on land after a storm and ringed before release. Some at the Ocean Lab at Goodwick thank to Cliff Benson and staff and some that had been grounded at Newgale, ringed by Alison. 

Chris continued his work with Linnets, ringing another 110. 

On a couple of days when the weather wasn't suitable for mist nets, we took some spring traps to the estuary for some trainees to have the opportunity to learn about catching Pipits. Rock Pipits and Meadow Pipits were ringed. 23 of the Meadow Pipits in the list were ringed by Karen and Alison on Dinas Mountain.

Several reports recently from the BTO of birds subsequently encountered...

Chiffchaff  NCC983

Ringed Teifi Marshes, Pembs 28/08/2023

Re-encountered Portland Bird Observatory, Dorset   23/09/2023    26 days, 232km SE

Blackcap  ATF5280

Ringed Hollesley Heath, Suffolk 12/09/2022

Re-encountered  St Nicholas, Pembs 23/09/2023 376 days 445km W

Sedge Warbler  AE65577

Ringed Essex Farm, Alderney 23/04/2023

Re-encountered   Teifi Marshes, Ceredigion 01/05/2023 8 days 316km NNW

Robin   AEK1173

Ringed Cors Caron, Ceredigion 28/05/2022

Re-encountered    Gibraltar Point, Lincs 07/10/2023 497 days 303km ENE

Movements of the above birds

Late October ringing becomes even more weather dependant and with the ever shortening days... often tricky. 
When weather allows we plan to have sessions on the Teifi Marshes (Teifi P). Redwings, Blackcaps, Chiffchaffs to start the early sessions followed by a variety of species in the nets.

(Wendy J and Rich D)

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