Monday 28 May 2012

Big nests, little nests....

The smell of Cormorant lingers on my pliers after a trip to St Margarets Island to ring nestling Cormorants with the Pembrokeshire Ringing group.
Read Paddy's account of the day on their new blog.
Today it was back to little nests with a check of nest boxes in Pengelli Forest. It is looking good for successful Pied Flycatcher breeding again with four boxes being used. The rest had broods of Blue Tits and Great Tits of varying ages.....
One had a Wood Wasp nest...
but the biggest surprise was to find a Dormouse nest in one.
Pengelli forest has the largest population of Dormice in Pembrokeshire but the 130 boxes are in a different part of the forest to the bird boxes.

CES 3 this weekend was the quietest CES we have ever done in 3 years. With 830 feet of nets through reed bed and scrub we only ringed 10 new birds and 18 retraps over 6 hours!

Richard is on his way back from Long Point Bird Observatory tonight - be prepared for stories of his achievements  - not content with the Least Sandpiper last week, he went on to catch a Least Bittern!

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