Thursday 31 May 2012

Home....and over to Midland Island Shags

Home from Long Point Bird Observatory - Canada yesterday evening....
...... this evening Shag ringing with Skomer Island staff, and Steve with the Pembs RG. The total number ringed and productivity from Steve later. The visit was also an opportunity to see and ring some of the other seabird life.
                        Wendy with a very young Razorbill too small to ring.
 Tom Finch helping with seabird research on Skomer joined the expedition to Midland, here with Wendy having just ringed these Great Black-backed Gull chicks...Tom spent last fall at Long Point Bird Obs. too.......

and of Long Point.......A nice adult male Scarlet Tanager.
       Fernado Diaz from Chile banding LPO's1st Fork-tailed Flycatcher.. 
Their 392nd species

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