Sunday 3 June 2012

Shag Productivity - Midland Island

The follow up from Steve to the post below ;-

 Midland Island on 30th May
  2nd earliest date ever after 26th May 2010 and almost a month earlier than in 1995 though most sessions have been 6th to 15th June.
  One of the poorest seasons with only 3 nests with broods of three chicks.
  62 chicks ringed from 32 nests  - success rate of 1.94
Other nests
Chicks too small           4 nests with chicks
Empty                          3 nests - 1 fledged, 2 failed
Not accessible              3 nests - 2,2,3 chicks  (possibly one more not visible)
Eggs                            4 nests - 1,2,2,3 - mostly newly laid and probably replacement clutches - unlikely  to succeed.

  Total nests  46.

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