Sunday 10 June 2012

The Teifi and Reed Warblers...

At The Mallard today....
...12 new and retrapped adult Sedge and Reed Warblers, with the fascinating mix of new and old.
L447220.. a Sedge ringed at Farlington Marsh as a 3J in Aug 2009.. being controlled by us in 2011 & this June.. and was presumably was born here too?
X878725 a 3J  Reed with us in Aug's first recapture today.
L598088 a juvenile Reed trapped here 1 Sept 2010...again it's first recapture..
No sign of P216372 yet..he was ringed as an adult on the Teifi 24th July 2000 and retrapped in each of the last 3 years !! A very old boy !!

Reed Warblers were not proved to breed in West Wales, in Ceredigion 1978(Birds of Ceredigion) or Pembs 1975(Birds of Pembs), though suspected slightly earlier.
In the last 2 years we have ringed 1321 new and recaptured 311 Reed and Sedge Warblers at The Mallard.
We now have more than 551 captures in the last 2 years relating to Reed Warblers alone, a good set of data to start having a look at our "new" population. It is believed that our population will become increasingly important as the East of England dries up with consequences for their Reed Warblers.. ??

The above figures do not include data from our nearby CES site,(which includes a reedbed population too)

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