Tuesday 5 June 2012

Open day and CES success.........

While completing a successful CES 4 on Monday we helped the Welsh Wildlife Centre's special family event by holding a ringing demonstration.
It was the first opportunity to enhance our work on the Teifi Marshes reserve with our new banner sponsored by Environment Wales and produced by Dragon Grafix.
With 54 birds caught we had enough birds to be shown, minus a few females with brood patches and very young. Being able to show a couple of  Reed Warblers with several years site faithfulness excited our audience. Our demonstration was enhanced further by literature on the table of our recoveries and ringing data for the reserve.
Nearly one hundred people visited us during the day including one family who came back three times. Janet also managed to show a variety of moths to enthusiastic children.
 A Poplar Hawkmoth was greatly admired.
We have been known to run up to 4 traps on CES set up evenings adding to the reserve's moth records nicely.
With CES completed until the next cycle our ringing attention will be on the ringing of pulli (weather permitting) and the moon will soon be in the right phase to start some Storm Petrel ringing.

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