Monday 15 July 2013

A week-end in Mallard net rides....breeders and passage

A very wet start to both week-end mornings....though the sun and heat did soon arrive !

Sedge and Reed Warblers are target species in the Mallard net runs in Autumn.
With over 1150 Sedge ringed and 560 Reed Warblers ringed here in the past 4 years. Producing Sedge Warbler recoveries down the west coast of Europe, all the way to Senegal in west Africa.

A typical start to mid-July ringing with 8 new of both species.

Reed Warblers are the important breeder here, the most important site in Ceredigion. Reed Warblers were not proved to breed in Pembs until 1975 (Donovan & Rees) or Ceredigion until 1978 (Roderick & Davis)

This year on the reserve;-
Of  the 66 Reed Warblers caught to the end of June - 34 were retraps from previous years. Whereas with Sedge Warblers of 138 caught to the end of June only 4 retraps from previous years..

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