Friday 26 July 2013

Aquatics, acros...the Teifi and Loire Atlantique...

Aquatic Warbler 16th August 2010
One of the five ringed on the Teifi....last in 2010
.....and in France they are already catching July
Last Friday, 19/07/13 we've opened the mist nets in our ringing station Donges-Est in the estuary of Loire (France). Already the 3rd day (21/07) we've captured our first Aquatic Warbler on migration! Looking forward to ringing the others AWs!
— with ACROLA.
So where is this site....?

Interesting !!
We have had 4 Sedge Warbler recoveries from Loire Atlantique and one controlled by us from there. 
Last Monday the 22nd July we controlled another French  Sedge Warbler on the Teifi.

Weather permitting we are planning to follow the established protocols as in previous years and attempt to open Mallard net rides every day until mid September...

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