Sunday 20 October 2013

Our first 30 days in Costa Rica....Some totals

After our first 30 days, a complete list of our capture totals.
 Highlights are many, depending on your objective.

We have been targeting Catharus Thrushes with some great totals achieved. As on our last visit an amazing variety, with all birds caught using 12m mist nets.
The totals are shown in two tables, migrants  then residents. Due to the focus on migrants we haven't visited our  Highland sites, therefore a bias towards coastal migrants in these figures.

  We leave the coast on 29th Oct for the Highlands. The change in species will be almost complete, with maybe one of these residents species found at at high altitude, and a few of these migrants species captured so far.

The post wouldn't be complete without one of Wendy's photos, here a stinkhorn found next to a net ride at the Aeropuerto site.

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