Tuesday 15 October 2013

The unexpected in our Costa Rican net rounds..

Hanging above the nets, and dropping fruit and seeds into the nets - Howler Monkeys at three of our five lowland forest sites.

What we didn't need in a second shelf bouncing around - an adult female Montezuma  Oropendola, leaves and twigs everywhere, and an unpleasant creature to handle - we don't have rings for these either !
What find in the net at 2pm today, a great bird for the Costa Rican lowlands - this juvenile Magnolia Warbler.
This five foot of Iguana took offence to our path between net rides, amazing scene with that tail being thrown around, mainly in my direction....
Our first good bird of the day, a Yellow-bellied Eleania, common according to the field guides, but only one a year caught here.

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