Thursday 18 September 2014

Juvenile dispersion of Cetti's

News from the BTO of the ringing details for this Cetti's Warbler that we caught on the Teifi Marsh last April.
It was ringed as a juvenile at Llangorse Lake near Brecon last August, 2013

This is the second control Cetti's that we have caught on the Teifi - the last was ringed on Farlington Marsh, Portsmouth.
The four new Cetti's ringed on the reserve last week might also not have been bred here but dispersed from other sites.
The BTO Migration Atlas helps us understand the movements of birds like this, a useful addition to any ringers book collection.
From the chapter on Cetti's Warblers - it is thought that they move very little once established as breeders but juveniles may move in their first autumn continuing into April before they settle. Females seem to be more mobile than males. These juvenile dispersive movements are relatively extensive compare with other sedentary species, probably because of the scarce and dispersed nature of the Cetti's Warblers habitat.

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