Friday 5 September 2014

Local breeders we suspected.... but controlled in the North

Siskin D678794 to Lockerbie, Scotland. Ringed in my garden on the 22nd march 2014, and controlled 9 days later by North Solway Ringing Group on the 31st March 2014..
Not our first interchange...

Previous interchange of a bird with Torwood Lodge, Lockerbie - a Siskin ringed there on 1st March 2012 was controlled in Wendy's garden on 26th March the following year.

Reed Warbler D432363 is our first to the Lake District, ringed on 19th May 2013 and controlled 19th June 2014 near Keswick - 13 months later and sexed as a male so presumably breeding in the Lakes...

Teifi New Generation Ringers ...our local guests for this morning's session.
Tony with Maddie, Leo, and Aiden,
Maddie releasing another new juvenile Kingfisher for the year.
Other ringing highlights on part of the CES site today... 18 Chiffchaff and 17 Blackcap part of the 46 new birds this morning.
Chris was ringing with Ryan on the Pentood side of the marsh too, totals to come -
though Chris did describe the day as....Titty !!

Yesterday an early visit to the Mallard nets included catching a couple of heavy Sedge Warblers, ..16.7g and 17.1g. The second bird was ringed by Alastair Wilson on the 24th August, before he returned to the South Atlantic, and weighed 10.6g with a fat score of one. Yesterday at dawn, an increase in weight to 17.1g and of fat score to eight.
.....A fat bird and ready to go far south too...!

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