Thursday 23 September 2021

Early Autumn on the Teifi Marshes, Poppit and Skokholm

Our main activities at this time of year are mist netting on the Teifi Marshes and Andy's continuing work with House Sparrows. If you missed his last blog it is well worth a read particularly for anyone who catches House Sparrows with some tips regarding ageing.

Bancyffordd House Sparrow RAS summary

In the first couple of weeks of September, over 250 birds have been encountered on the two sites on the Teifi Marshes. Some of the species caught are mentioned below...

Sparrowhawks are often seen over the marshes but not many have been ringed on the reserve but this young male was ringed this month at our site near the river.

Reed Warbler numbers seem to be as expected with 21 birds ringed and an old one re - encountered that was ringed in 2014. The number of adult Reed Warblers re- encountered from previous years for our RAS project is now slightly above average at 42. 

Sedge Warblers are slowing down with just 31 ringed so far this month. 

One that we ringed on migration was re-encountered by another ringer 3 days later in Dorset, a site that we have exchanged several birds with over the years.

AJN6891 ringed Teifi Marshes, Ceredigion 23/08/2021

Re - encountered Squire's Down, Dorset 26/08/2021 3 days 201 km SE by T Squires

Blackcaps have been the main catch in the last week with over 70 ringed this month. A fat 6 Garden Warbler was a hefty 22.4g. Just 1 Grasshopper Warbler is lower than usual but other migration sites eg Cornwall and Wiltshire have reported many more than usual.

The new moon and very high tides meant that we were able to catch some waders feeding on Poppit beach. Dunlin and Ringed Plover were ringed and a new species, an adult Black-tailed Godwit.

The  size of bill and the moult limit in the primaries are features that lead us to this being an adult male islandica Black-tailed Godwit.

Some of the group experienced a trip to Skokholm at the beginning of the month along with two trainees from Gower Ringing Group. Here is a mention of our visit on the Skokholm blog 

Over 500 birds were processed during the weekend. The main focus was ringing Manx Shearwater fledglings at night and different catching techniques for passerines including spring traps and walk in Pipit traps

Ringing Manx Shearwaters

Some Storm Petrel chicks were ringed along with many Willow Warblers, 3 Pipit species and Pied and Spotted Flycatchers

Spotted Flycatcher (Andrew Hughes)

And not forgetting the Wryneck, a record year for them on Skokholm.

Wryneck (Andrew Hughes)

Many thanks to Rich and Giselle, wardens  for helping to make all the ringing weekends this year a special experience for everyone.

Rich D and Wendy J

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