Friday 8 April 2022

Spring arrivals and returns

Late March into early April is a time when we start to see returning birds from previous years. 

A Blackcap was re-encountered on the 30th March that had been ringed in July 2017 and also seen in 2018 and 2019.

Although we haven't caught any new Cetti's Warblers yet this year we have re-encountered 4 from last year.

Cetti's Warbler

Four returning Chiffchaff  so far. Various histories with us..
One ringed last August - re trapped at the same site this March. One ringed in December, still with us - or now returned from a very late winter break, it's wing suggested it had been to the sun 
Two more that were originally ringed in 2020.

The number of returning and site faithful birds to the end of March can be clearly seen in the following table 

Species where birds have been re-encountered from previous years

Old birds of note are the 10 year old Great Spotted Woodpecker, a 7 year old Great Tit and Long-tailed tits and a Dunnock ringed in 2016.

It is always nice to see that the reed cut by a local thatcher has taken place - a cut is planned each year but for various reasons sometimes the cut doesn't take place. The cut area not only provides totally fresh Phragmites, but whilst the new growth is short, feeding for waders, pipits and in particular White Wagtails. We hope for some evening pre roost action any day...

We have caught 3
Curlew and 1 Teal over two evenings in the fading light, experimental at this stage and maybe a colour ring project with the Curlew, considering their current national profile. 


Some of the group are involved in nest recording and their season of monitoring is underway with the first Dipper chicks of the year ringed this week. Andrew has been exploring his local bridges and has found several Dipper nests. 

Dipper nests and locations

News just received of some Starling movements from and to Andy's garden

LL86492 Ringed Bancyffordd, Carms 18/02/2020

                Ring read in the field  Haulerwijk, The Netherlands 05/03/2022

                746 days 728km E

26Z50958  Ringed Westmalle, Antwerpen, Belgium 09/11/2019

                   Re-encountered  Bancyffordd, Carms 14/12/2021

                   766 days 626km W

Reed Buntings  ....hoping to continue our good winter observations..

Reed Warblers. ...the first birds, usually recaptures are due back over the next week..

Willow Tits  .. an update from Arfon shortly 

Finally Andy's House Sparrow RAS...excellent results with 78 now  resighted .see the previous post for a further details... House Sparrow RAS 2022

Rich D and Wendy J

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