Wednesday 20 April 2022

Returning update

Returning Warblers from April 9th to April 19th

The first Sedge Warbler was ringed on 13th April with another during the following week, we have now caught 8.

Sedge Warbler at Mallard pond

The first retrap Sedge Warbler from a previous year was originally ringed as an adult in May 2018 and seen again during the breeding season in 2019 and 2020 but not last year.

The first three Reed Warblers back, caught on 19th April were ringed in previous years, but two are amazing in the  lack of subsequent encounters..

S161817 ringed in August 2016 and not seen since

ABE2128 ringed May 2019 and seen in May 2020 and 21

AHA3217 ringed Aug 2017 and not seen since

Are these 2 or 3 birds site faithful stopover migrants ? We do have birds of some species that we suspect of this .... eg White Wagtails and Sedge Warblers. It is difficult to believe that during several breeding seasons we have missed these birds. We do ring quite regularly until July and intensively from July until October..

Other Warbler totals for 9-19th April 

Willow Warbler...22 new

Chiffchaff...12 new 

Blackcap.... 12 new

Grasshopper Warbler ... 2 new

Rich D and Wendy J

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