Sunday 8 July 2012

CES 7 supports the (poor) breeding season

Our fears are backed up by our numbers;- A large failure to raise young.
2012 CES 7, Today 8th July ;-
77 birds caught ....31 juveniles.....40%
2011 CES 7, (9th July)
116 birds caught, almost exactly a 50% higher total, AND more importantly.....102 juveniles...88%
I guess it won't get any better.....?
With our adult Willow Warblers, Blue Tits, Great Tits caught today all undergoing complete moult, no more breeding attempts to be made.....

On the brighter side today...our first juvenile Cetti's Warbler of the year (above) and a nice retrap X878903, an adult female Cetti's with brood patch, ringed by us as a juvenile in early September 2009.
(photo Tommy)

Brighter still... this Speckled Bush Cricket, found and proudly displayed by Janet....once finished helping with the admin..
Janet, holding his? hind legs...
(photo Tommy)

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