Tuesday 31 July 2012

Recoveries, retraps and new rides !

Rain and wind,... well west coast breezes are now hindering us... but some nice notes about our birds ....

Sand Martin L927452.. our 1st recovery for this species,
Ringed at a Mallard Run roost, a juvenile on 26 June 2011.
Controlled at Uttoxeter Sewerage Works, Staffs, by Sorby Breck RG this 20th May 2012.

Part of a new ride we have just cut at the Mallard Run. This is across the marsh next to a small river and the heron hide pond, and allows 2 more 40' nets.

Chiffchaff  DBJ718..this our oldest Chiff to date, retrapped by ourselves at our latest CES  29th July 2012.
Ringed on 16th August 2009 when an adult female..thus at least 4 years old.
The oldest Chiffchaff to date 7yrs 7 months(BTO)

Finally, a poor Swallow, an adult female IAB 4A30876 ringed in Sardinia, Italy, on 2nd May 2010,
Found dead,  c8 kms from the Teifi, 13th July 2010 -- there are less than 20 recoveries of Swallows from Italy.

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