Monday 2 July 2012

Welsh warblers give our visitors a treat !

CES 6 and the weather wasn't being helpful ...But we did complete with c50 birds caught and as usual interesting recaptures.  The ringing and processing under our  pop-up gazebo, an excellent buy !
Most of the team present dressed for July !!
Gillian and Michael Parr - trainees from N. Ireland joined us for the 1st of hopefully a couple of sessions.
To our and their delight  3 species processed that they are very unlikely to find at home, Lesser Whitethroat, Cetti's Warbler, and a few Reed Warblers. Michael here with a Cetti's. 
Gillian with one of our site faithful Reed Warblers.
We caught our 1st juvenile Reed and Garden Warblers, and Goldcrest of the year, but still very low numbers of this year's juveniles.
Have all the young Tits and Finches already descended into gardens...?
Another observation, early to make conclusions, but we are catching a higher proportion of  ringed adults that we didn't re-trap last year. Have our territorial  birds been severely affected by the winter and allowed these birds to return to fill these vacancies ?

We carry a hand held PC with us in the field. This has our up to date ringing data downloaded from IPMR. All recaptures are checked at that point for the birds history....

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