Sunday 22 July 2012

Sweet scent of stormies... (and CES)

Following our Storm Petrel movement to Strumble, 2 more night time visits to Mwnt under the new moon !
Friday night, 7 new stormies ...and another control under the stars !
We are not sure if Ceredigion has many Storm Petrel controls or recoveries?
Saturday night, when not under stars, but under cloud - we only caught 4...hmm.
Plenty of wonderful calling Manx Shearwaters investigating the headland to excite us though.

Back to CES.....poor numbers, especially the lack of juveniles. Interestingly 4 new adult Reed Warblers in the scrub, not in the reed-bed. This is where we catch passage birds.....have these adults just given up attempting to breed and moved to our site to feed up already?

 This morning we re-entered the "Mallard Run" of nets, (above) great for breeding Reeds, fantastic for passage Sedges, and 2 Aquatics in 2010. A poor start with only 9 new warblers caught this morning, but wind did stop play at c8am....many posts to follow on this part of the site as acro. passage increases...

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